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International Business Sample - 3

Assignment: S2. Individual Essay

Word Count: 3,000 words Contribution to Module

Mark: 60%

Learning outcome assessed:

  1. Critical knowledge of the key theories in the field of innovation.
  2. Knowledge of factors that are critical to how an organisation manages innovation, such as its culture, reward strategy and approach to measuring innovation activities
  3. Development of and competence at key personal transferable skills, including presentation, writing, team-working, organisational and reflective skills
  4. Knowledge of the local, national and global job and placement markets and your own strengths and weaknesses

Assessment Brief

Write an essay focused on ONE of the following:

1. What are the barriers to innovation in the workplace?


2. What can organisations do to encourage innovation?

Consider the topics covered in the lectures and seminars when planning your essay, for example: innovation networks, resistance to innovation, rewarding innovation, innovation strategy and innovation culture. You are not limited to choosing from these topics, and are welcome to consider other relevant topics in your essay too (e.g. recruiting for innovation, training, communication). Each of these topics could be discussed as either a barrier to innovation or a way of encouraging innovation. For example, a lack of reward for innovation could be a barrier to innovation, whilst giving rewards could encourage innovation.

It is recommended that you discuss approximately 3 topics in your essay, as well as having an introduction and
conclusion. Each topic should be supported with evidence and provide a real world example which demonstrates your key points. Define key terms, use good quality sources (academic books and journal articles) to support your arguments and include critical analysis.

Assignment 2: Your Individual Essay needs to be submitted through, Turn-it-in
Deadline Time: 12:00 p.m. (noon)
Deadline Date: 13th February, 12.00 p.m. (noon)
Word Count: 3000 words + or – 10%. Please write between 2700 and 3300 words.

Assignment Structure: Individual Essay

Please observe the following formatting requirements:

a. Include other niceties like a cover page, contents page, appendices (if required), and a conclusion. Use headings
and subheadings
b. Reference correctly and critically engage with the resources you employ
c. Provide brief ‘signposts’ as to what is coming up in the forthcoming section of the essay; linking these to your
headings is sensible
d. Keep your styling professional
e. Marks are awarded for good English and grammar. Proofread your Individual Essay carefully, and use a formal,
academic, writing style


  • You need to submit your individual essay to your allocated Turnitin Submission Link.
  • You should upload one document only in Microsoft Word format.

References and Structure

  • Your assignment should be Harvard Referenced and show a range of sources.
  • Please ensure that you structure your Individual Essay appropriately and check your use of spelling, grammar and punctuation throughout.
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