BST302 Dissertation Proposal

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Masters Level Proposal and Dissertation

Aims and Objectives/Research questions

Briefly explain the objective for your research: what are the research questions that you hope to answer, or what are the research outcomes you hope to achieve?

  1. How to select suitable ELMs business models for organizations?
  2. What are the benefits of implementing ELMs in the e-marketplace?
  3. How to maintain sustainable development for a collaborative EM?

List the three most relevant keywords that apply to your research

Global Health and Sustainable Development

Research Method

Explain which method(s) you will use in the conduct of your study, with appropriate justification for the selection.

Envisaged data source

Clearly explain the source(s) of data for your dissertation

Research Ethics

Explain any ethical implications of your research, and the actions you will take to address these in the conduct of your study.

NURBN 3020 – Caring for People Living with Chronic Illness

Literature Review

Provide an up to date assessment of the existing academic knowledge relevant to your proposed topic.

BST302 Dissertation Proposal

Cheapest Assignment

Project Plan

Using a Gantt Chart provides an illustration of the envisaged schedule for all principal activities to be undertaken.

MBA641 Strategic Project Management

Dissertation Guidelines


It is a requirement of Cardiff University that all MSc students submit a dissertation on a chosen topic. This should not exceed 15,000 words. Also, the aim of the dissertation is to give each student the opportunity to pursue, in greater depth, a chosen subject or topic in the field of transport, shipping, logistics, or operations management. The dissertation is an important component of the MSc course and provides the means of developing a students’ research and analytical abilities.  Each student is required to review the background of the subject, carry out a detailed study and analysis, and to reach appropriate conclusions.

MKT4131 Marketing Strategy, Leadership and Planning


The dissertation should be related to the subjects of study the student has taken in Stage I of the course. It is important that each student gives considerable thought before selecting a  topic, with particular attention to:

  1. their individual interests and skills,
  2. possible future career development and employment opportunities,
  3. whether the topic is manageable within the time and other constraints imposed by the current regulations,
  4. that data and other published information are available and
  5. the approach and method to be used, and whether the resources needed to complete the work are available (e.g. software, apparatus, test models, and opportunities to travel).

It is also desirable that students select a topic for their dissertation which is of interest to potential academic advisors within the LOM section so that it can be best supported.

3. Procedure

4. Structure of the dissertation

The presentation of the dissertation will depend on the subject matter of the research work and the approach and method adopted, e.g. experimentation, field studies, or desk research. Furthermore, students will be provided with help of the advisors.

5. References

MKT4132 Product Management Strategies (Assessment II)


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