Ethical Essay for Nursing

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Ethical and Legal Case Analysis

Word limit: 4000 words

Details of task

In this paper, you need to demonstrate your ability to determine a particular course of action and support your decision with evidence from an ethical and legal perspective. You need to analyze an issue identified from your clinical practice that has ethical and legal implications.  The purpose of the essay is to present a coherent argument for a particular course of action, providing evidence from the nursing and allied health ethical/legal literature to support the reasons for this action. This essay provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate in-depth understanding and sound and logical argument to support your thoughtful position on the issue.

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Grading criteria

Assessment criteria used to grade this paper are:

  • The issue is clearly defined (5 marks)
  • Position on the issue is declared decisively (5 marks)
  • The argument for the particular position is developed logically (5 marks)
  • The position taken on the issue is supported with a wide range of  references from the nursing/medical/allied health ethical and legal literature (10 marks)
  • Reflection on the development of your position demonstrates critical analysis (10 marks)
  • The scholarly presentation including appropriate referencing (5 marks).

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