Effect of COVID-19 on Education

With a world-wide lockdown in progress, the most affected field among other major areas globally is the education sector. Affecting millions of students and giving a pause to many continuing studies dreams, coronavirus has devastating impacts on each and every one of us. As the economic crash has already overblown the warning horn, the education system, on the other hand, is suffering a stand-still without any working solution to bring it back to normal. The schools, colleges, and universities a..Readmore

Students Finding Tough To Pay Their Rent in UK?

The terrible attack of the pandemic has left the whole education sector in a brink of uncertainty. The uncertain situation has led to a lot of interconnected aspects suffering a lot. Though the Universities started teaching the students remotely, the actual trouble for the students started from the..Readmore

Birmingham – The most preferred study destination for students

Being Britain’s second-largest city and with numerous top universities situated here, Birmingham has topped the list among students from across the world, as a favourite study destination in the UK. That is not the only reason students love Birmingham. Here are 7 reasons why students love coming to..Readmore

15 Smart Ways to Make Your Summer Useful

You know its summer in the UK when a series of famous music festivals like Parklife, Kendal Calling, Junction 2 used to be lined up one after the other or the bustling crowd in Legoland with kids and their parents used to be enjoying the rides after a tensed period of exams. Although the current pan..Readmore

Effect of Lockdown on Students’ Mental Health

The COVID-19 lockdown has affected every human being but the students are the ones who are most affected. They have to deal with school closure and the feeling of anxiety. Student life is a challenge and those who lack social support are vulnerable to isolation and burden, both at the same time. Acc..Readmore

5 Strategies To Strengthen Your Academics

Being successful in one’s academic career depends on his learning strategies. Students want to enhance their academic achievements but they are unsure about the ways to correct their weakness.  What will be the output if someone is there to guide us to the successful path of academics?  The answer t..Readmore

18 Tips To Help You Focus on Reading

Mind and body need food for a living. Reading improves our thought process and thus works as a fuel for our mind. Getting immersed in a book and keep one’s focus intact is an art. If you find it difficult to focus, this art can be learned after investing some time and effort. In a student life, book..Readmore