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MN7012 Research Methods for Marketing Sample

Question - Assessment Brief A: Individual Essay Reducing Carbon Foot Prints 1.0  Rational for Research topic It has been observed by Chen et al., (2020) that over the past few decades the effect of global warming has been alarmingly increasing. The increased use of carbon footprint by mankind has been profoundly affecting the environment. Rising sea levels, occupation of warmer water compared to cooler water, and changing patt..Readmore

Competitive Strategy Sample Assignment

Introduction A strategy is not the outcome of one great idea but, helps produce information which plays an important role in making a decision to develop a strategy. Hence ideas have to be thoughtfully analyzed to form an effective strategy. Tools for the development of strategies for success and pr..Readmore

Unit 4 Personal and Professional Development

Task 1 1.1 Personal Value in Health and Social Care Few values are attached to healthcare and out of all the values; the most prominent values for me are equality, altruism, and capability. Integrating all these values will give rise to a new model, which will help to access the personal as well as..Readmore

BSM-741 Strategic Risk Management

Strategic Risk Management of Critical Hazards of the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre Project, Blackdog, Aberdeen Executive summary: The following report is presented from the perspective of a risk consultant appointed for recognizing the approaches that could be followed in the construction..Readmore

Consultancy Report

Executive Summary In this report, the major emphasis is on Midas Touch Technology Ltd (MTT) which produces smartwatches and the other party to the case is VCI - Victoria Capital Investment Ltd provider of venture capital. The report initiates with the venture capital requirement followed by the argu..Readmore

MGMT20143 Assessment 1

Business Model deconstruction Introduction The business model is considered a mandatory resource for an organization to ensure feasible planning of the functional dimensions of the business. The business model canvas provides adequate flexibility for outlining the significant aspects that can contri..Readmore

How do different research paradigms influence the way research is undertaken?

Do different ethical approaches to research apply more closely to one paradigm as opposed to others? Introduction: The requirements for research in the case of contemporary business organizations have been identified as mandatory elements for promoting business performance as well as sustainability...Readmore