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Relationship between Work and Non- Work

Introduction: The present level of competitiveness in the business world is reflective of the concerns for maintaining an appropriate interface between professional and family life. Employees should maintain a coherent relationship between professional and personal aspects of their life to accomplish the proper balance between work-family and family-work should be supported by the motivation, productivity, and limited stress in the workforce (Bogaerts, Cooman & De, 2016).  http://cheapestass..Readmore

Capital Needs and Funding in the Retail Industry

Introduction Different retail industrial units or sectors have diverse entities and components as a part of them. In this manner, their strategic, operational, and financial needs also vary as per the characteristics and targets. While s..Readmore


Question 1. Introduction Each business mainly aims to earn a large number of profits and cover up all kinds of overheads and costs borne by them in their operation. For this reason, many companies take i..Readmore

Business and Management

Introduction  In this era of Globalization, business organizations are experiencing several issues or challenges within their business and management. Due to intense competition and price war, business organizations are getting more exposed to such issues and challenges. Presently, every business or..Readmore

Managing Organizations

Introduction  The world is getting digitalized and so are the people. Everybody wants all their required information at their fingertips. The way to achieve things varies from one person to other. And in this entire phase, personality is what matters the most. As per Barrick, Stewart & Piotrowsk..Readmore

Why did socialism fail as an economic system in the Soviet Union?

Introduction  After almost two years right after the dissolution, integration of communist system in the Soviet Union in the year 1991 took place. However, there has not been any consensus over the consequences and causes of these distinct and epochal events. Considering the cause, it is very conven..Readmore

Developing Integrated Health Sciences: NUR5023/24/25 Sample

Developing Integrated Health Sciences: NUR5023/24/25 Myocardial Infarction (MI) Description Myocardial Infarction (MI) is also called a heart attack. In this condition blood flow inside the heart is abruptly restrict..Readmore