College Essays That Worked: How It Can Help You Become a Stellar Essay Writer

Posted on January 15, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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Getting admissions in a college based on an essay needs an impeccable writing style and potential to prove that your essay is the best. It is important because when the test scores of many candidates are the same; the high-quality essay writing skills will help your candidature to stand out amongst the other applications.  

The students submit a good quality essay to get through the admissions successfully.  

But first lets look into the tips and the personal style statements of the random candidates who got admitted in the college due to their stellar essay writing skills: 

  1. Firstly, the essay must have a students’ personality and his voice. Only those essays stand out in which the student’s voice shine and which help the school authorities to get to know the student. 
  2. The authorities assess the personality of the student by reading his essay and judge how they would behave on their campus. According to an essay expert and an educationist who selects the essay “A good essay reflects on the personality of the student and it is a piece of information where one can learn something characteristic about the student. It can’t be learnt anywhere else in the application.” 
  3. A student is used to always write an expansion to the guidelines that the teacher has asked them to, since childhood. Students may have limited life experiences, thus finding an inner voice may be a challenge for the student. The essay can be a winner only when the inner voice is spoken and the authoritarian enigma of the student reflects into it. 
  4. The essay can be a soul of the application and the applicant. The judges read the article to picture the student and his abilities in various community programs, clubs and debates. The student with a clear perspective has edge over other candidates. 

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There are a few general guidelines that can help to compile a great essay for college admissions. 

Some tips for a Stellar College Application Essay are: 

  • Select a topic cautiously:

The topic of the essay must be important to you. It may be a life-changing experience or a person who changed your life or maybe a book that has a great impact on your life. Refrain from writing on a random topic as it will not be your original idea. 

  • Reflection is important:

A student essay looks impressive if it is about an extraordinary event. While it may be a big event of sports or a memorable visit to a city, you must reflect on the events emotionally. Reconstructing the events will not suffice. Writing the series of events with the experience that you gained in the whole journey will give you a great score.  

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  • Start working on the essay early:

Working on the essay well before deadlines is a good indication. There is ample time to write several drafts and make edits. Once the essay is finished, re-read it after a break. How the essay sounds after a few days will help the student to analyze his flaws. It’s impossible to know the mindset of the examiner, but do your best to reveal your inner voice and personality. 

  • Get it to proofread:

The student should share the essay that he wrote with someone who knows him well. The essay needs to be proofread by anyone close to him like a teacher, his parents or his friend. A college counsellor can be extremely helpful as he is experienced in many fields. A close acquaintance can find if the student’s voice is intact and there is no deviation from the topic. Its great help if the person who proofreads it, judges the essay as the student’s work. If the proofreader can recognize the student’s personality from the essay, half the battle is won. 

  • Distress before submitting the essay

It’s not right to stress too much about the essay before submitting it. Accept your essay as your best piece of writing before submitting and don’t put extreme weight on it for your admission. If the student finds that the essay is not doing justice to his character, it may be time to re-work on the important parts of the essay. But that should not meddle with the essence of the write-up.  

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When a student begins with the essay writing, looking at other examples may inspire him to write an effective essay that stands out among other applications. Once the student goes through them, he can start away with his creative abilities.  

But, the real essay must have actual stories from the life of the student that reflects on his character, values and culture. It has all the ingredients that compose his statement. Original thoughts and ideas will help the admission committee to understand his background and give an insight into his outlook and personality.

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