Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses Sample

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Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses Sample

1. The process adopted by managers in a corporation

Set goals

Definition- It is the process of recognizing something that any person wants to achieve and finding a quantifiable goal and timeframe (Ward, P. and Carnes, M., 2002).

Explanation- The techniques or plans that motivate any person are based on the criteria that the practice of setting an accurate goal improves the presentation, and that is the setting which is very tough goals results in the performance being huge then the setting will easier goals.

Analysis- It is to be analyzed that the corporation must rise if all the planning and strategies must be flexible and the communication between all the employees must be good otherwise due to this the corporation must suffer various problems. The most famous company in Australia is BHP Billiton. It is noted that this corporation can achieve its goal in 2025.

Link- It is to be concluded that if the corporation has all the key points or the strategies in a better way and the communication skills between the employees are good then only any business will run.

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Development of Commitments

Definition- It is a written document in which a corporation commits to the other company about any specific thing. So a company have to increase the number of commitment. Because of this, they can rise and everyone will know them in the market (Jamaludin, Z., 2009).

Explanation- By the above, we can explain that the development of commitment for a corporation like Wesfarmers is very necessary because by this only a corporation will raise their company and may run. If they will not the commitment and they will not develop this then the other party will do this and make his or her market in the economy.

Analysis- It is to be analyzed that the Wesfarmers will develop only if the workers of that corporation succeed in the commitment will be done in a good manner. By this, only in the market, their business will rise. This is the second most famous company in Australia, it is Wesfarmers. It is observed that in 2030 it can achieve its goal.

Link- By the above, we can say that a person has to fulfill the commitment and also develop that by this in the market they can create their goodwill so by this they can create their name.

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Development of effective action plans

Definition- An action plan is said to be when the plans are done as the actions. It means that the corporation must plan according to the actions of the market (McGill, I. and Beaty, L., 2001).

Explanation- By the above, we can explain that if the plans are not flexible or not according to the actions of the other or rival party then the Corporation Woolworths Limited will not suffer in the economic market. To survive in the market a corporation must be aware of all the terms and factors of the economy.

Analysis- It is to be analyzed that the Woolworths Limited Corporation must be always ready for all the ups and downs. Because all these things are a part of life but despite this, the corporation must be aware of the key factors of progress. This is the third most famous company in Australia and it is Woolworths Limited. It can reach its goal in 2036.

Link- By the above, we can say that the Woolworths Limited Corporation must be aware and do all these things that are necessary to survive in the market. Otherwise, the other party will do. The plans of action must be developed by any corporation.

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Track progress towards goal achievement

Definition- It means the record of the progress of any corporation must be recorded in a written document or a computer but they must have their progress report to analyze the process of work they did in the past (Silberglitt, B. and Hintze, J., 2005). And by this, they can do better work.

Explanation- By the records of any organisation a company will rise. Because of the mistakes they had made in the past, they will not repeat in the future only if they have their track records.

Analysis- It is analyzed that the achievement of the Commonwealth Bank will come only through hard work. If a person has not his or her company’s track record then how do they know about the position of the company? That is why they have to do this. This one is the fourth, Commonwealth Bank of Australia. It can achieve its goal by 2038.

Link- By the above, we can say that the Commonwealth Bank Corporation must have past or present records so that they can know about their progress or they can realize their mistakes.

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Maintain Flexibility

Definition- A corporation’s plans must be flexible so that according to the problem they can transfer their plans. In a market there are many types of obstacles so to not be harmed by them a corporation must do their work in a flexible way (MacGillavry, H.D., Kerr, J.M., Kassner, J., Frost, N.A. and Blanpied, T.A., 2016).

Explanation- From the above, we can explain that flexibility is very important in any business plan and strategy.  If the plans were constant then they would not raise their company to a new height.

Analysis- It is analyzed that the company, National Australia Bank must plan flexibly so that if any type of obstacle comes in the way then it cannot harm the company’s reputation. In other words, it is stated that the techniques, plans, and strategies used in the corporation must be flexible or they must have done the planning in all the ways whether they are positive or negative. This company ranked fifth in Australia, National Australia Bank. It can reach its goal in 2042.

Link- By the above, we can conclude that the National Australia Bank Corporation not only do the work or increase their communication skill but also has to work according to the market. It means there are lots of rivals in the market. They must have strategies to harm the other company so to not harm them this strategy must be.

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2. summary of Ferguson Plarre’s corporation

It is about a person named Ferguson Plarre, who is a family-owned bakery in Melbourne, Australia. The Ferguson originated in 1901 and the Plarres in 1911. These two businesses were fully purposeful in mostly the Northern and the Western borders of Melbourne in Australia. After a long time mostly a decade of their separation, they united in 1980 as ‘Ferguson Plarre Bake House’. The family members of Ferguson left the business in 2012 and the family of Plarre is now running this business. All the entire business now is under the Plarre family (McLean, T., 2014).

3. Goals of Ferguson Plarre’s approach

When a particular person runs any corporation he or she has to set many goals, and the view of addressing all of them can become devastating. The workers may into and out and require a particular goal, making small promotions towards them (Adams, Z.W., McClure, E.A., Gray, K.M., Danielson, C.K., Treiber, F.A. and Ruggiero, K.J., 2017).

The Goals are as follows:

Work together on Development goals- The employee of the corporation must address competencies and ability of the employee to rise in their present actions (Wagstaff, A., 2004). To achieve the goals the manager, employees, workers, and owner have to work together to achieve their goal. All of them have to work together and trust them and also create some new ideas to achieve the goal.

These are the key points that Ferguson Plarre adopted for their business. They are:

  • Must be focused on the skills that are defining.
  • Must be focused on today’s skills.
  • Focusing on developing a roadmap.

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 4. Goal achievement’s progress of Ferguson Plarre

Some keys split a person from achieving and not achieving the goals, but to reach the goals there are some key points that a person has to keep in his or her mind like Ferguson Plarre (McLean, T., 2014). There are four main keys that a person must keep in his or her mind otherwise success will not come to him or her. The process or keys that they follow are effective (Loosemore, M., 2013).   The keys are as follows-

  • See the big picture
  • Planning and organizing
  • Accountability
  • Celebrate

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