Human Geography Essay

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Human Geography Essay Assignment Brief

Some commentators have argued that as a consequence of globalisation, ‘the human world today has become so mobile, so interconnected and so integrative that it is, in one prominent and much repeated assessment, “flat”’ (De Blij 2009, preface).


For this essay you are asked to address the question “Is the world becoming flatter?”

Cheapest Assignment - Human Geography Essay


In addressing the question write a 1500 word paper that examines the key concepts of globalisation in human geography (i.e. homogenisation, polarisation and glocalisation). In developing your position, your essay should draw on specific examples from topics and themes discussed in the first half of the unit (you may use examples from media, images and/or other popular references to detail your examples).

Assessment 1: Critical Review


 Refer to the tutorial exercises concerning this assessment

Required Reading

  • Greiner, A. L. (2014 or 2017). Visualizing Human Geography. New Jersey, USA: Wiley.

          (Chapters 1 and 2)

  • De Blij, H. J. (2008). The power of place: geography, destiny, and globalization's rough landscape. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press.

          (the Preface)


  • Choose an acceptable font (Times Roman; Arial; Cambria; Calibri) 11 or 12
  • Line spacing (1.5 lines)
  • Submit the Word doc version (not a PDF) to Turnitin Link
  • Referencing style APA 6 (or Chicago)
  • Refer to the marking criteria below to help structure your report

Marking Criteria Feedback

MGT5OBR Individual Essay

Introduction (20 marks)

– Introduce the concept of globalisation

– Outline the topics your essay will cover

– State your thesis (take a position)

Concepts (20 marks)

– Define globalisation

– Demonstrate an understanding of homogenisation, polarisation and glocalisation

– Draw on scholarly sources

Discussion (30 marks)

– Present and discuss specific examples of homogenisation, polarisation and glocalisation

– Relate your discussion to the question of globalisation and “flat world”.

Conclusion (10 marks)

– Provide a working answer to the question: Is the world becoming flatter?

– Summarise your key points

– Point out any limitations or gaps

MKT4013 Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Small Business Marketing

Referencing & citation of sources (consistent referencing style; appropriate referencing of statistics, tables and arguments) (10 marks)

  • You must use in-text references (either APA or Chicago – please discuss with your tutor if you are unsure)
  • You must have a reference list at the end of your paper (please use “hanging” style paragraph format for this)
  • Every in-text citation must be included in the reference list
  • Tables and Figures should be labelled (Labels for Tables above the box; Labels for Figures underneath)

Mark for Writing (10 marks)

  • Use a standard font (Calibri; Cambria; Times Roman; Arial) either 11 or 12 point
  • Use paragraphs (do not indent; leave a space between paragraphs)
  • Alignment (can be “left” or “justified”)
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