Rhetorical analysis of a Coca-Cola advertisement

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Rhetorical analysis of a Coca-Cola advertisement


Coca-Cola has been ranked among the leading beverage brands in the world. Apart from its product portfolio, which is immensely extensive, with different flavours, Coca-Cola is known for its excellent marketing capabilities and advertisement campaigns, which are usually very catchy and influential (Pendergrast et al, 24). It is straightforward and easy to identify Coca-Cola brands or logos among very many brands in the market. Coca-Cola brand is unique, outstanding, attractive and more appealing to many customers’ tastes than other beverages flavours. Creating such a kind of global awareness on products through advertising needs a lot of creativity, investment, and continuous monitoring of the adverts and appealing to the customers in the market. Over the past years, Coca-Cola has changed its advertisement modes and focuses intensely on online advertisement methods. Currently, its central focus is on digital advertisement. 

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Its exciting advertisement videos has been very crucial in excitement creation globally whenever the brand is being advertised. The videos are always well created and on top. Every time Coca-Cola brands pop up like an ad, it leaves the viewer gasping for the beverage. Such advertisements, it has enabled the company brand to remain very relevant in the externally competitive market. In addition, Coca-Cola video advertisements aim at attracting new customers as well as retaining the existing ones. One of the unique focuses of Coca-Cola when creating visual advertising is focused on particular demography and the group of individuals upon which the advertisement is directed. For example, Coca-Cola promotion always focuses on the youthful population than any other age group. As a result, they have tried to make an in-depth advertisement for deeper engagement of the customers and target audience. The more interesting an advert is, the deeper the customer engagements (Arinitwe and Leander, 2019). Heist advertisement of Coca-Cola videos is very appealing and exciting, just like a fairy tale. In this paper, a rhetorical analysis of Coca Cola Company has been analyzed.  

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One of the most outstanding Coca-Cola advertisements is the 2009 heist advertisement. The ad won the Creative Arts Army awards of 2009 for its creativity, authenticity, and uniqueness in how the advert was made. The 2009 heist advertisement revealed a man napping with a Coca-Cola bottle; a red bug then flies to the bottle, then lands on its cap. Grasshoppers from their hiding point in the grass witching keenly as a swarm of bees pass to the bottle, pushing it to fall. Grasshoppers then roles the bottle away from the man, as the butterfly tactfully lands on his nose so that he could take off his hands from the direction upon which the bottle was being rolled. The big bud eventually opens the bottle. The elixir then flows to the beautiful leaves from which every team member obtained its share and experience with the beverage.

In the various coke products, the adverts have always embraced three concepts of effective and persuasive adverts. They include; ethos, logos, and pathos, which have still been integrated as essential, integral marketing communications to persuade and convince the audience into giving in to their products. 

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Ethos deals with the ethical appeals of the author. The generation of the request is done concerning other proper sources or the author’s credibility. Almost everyone in the world knows the Coca-Cola brand due to its stronger market image. Because its brand advertisement is usually focused on the young age groups, it is appealing to these age groups to be more accepted by youths in the market.

  Pathos; refers to the use of emotional messages to persuade and convince the audience. Coca-Cola advertisement evokes merriment and joy (Deshpande et al., 20). For example, the 2009 park awards analysis reveals the big having fun and stealing the beverage from the owner. The setting of these adverts shows that it is fun and playful, taking Coca-Cola. This kind of Coca-Cola advert setting is done to resonate with young people to a greater extent. 

Logos incorporates the use of logic to persuade the targeted audience into buying the product. The logic behind a Coca-Cola beverage is not only to quench thirst but also to create happier moments made of fun. In most cases, the minute advert of Coca-Cola is always well developed so that it does not leave any single element of a creative and attractive advertisement. The tone and the mood of the music used in the backgrounds of Coca-Cola adverts are very catchy and impressive, making the viewer follow keenly till the end of the adverts. When the advertisement finally ends, the viewer has left yearning for a Coca-Cola drink. 

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By so doing, Coca-Cola incorporates cleverly a mix of three elements for connecting its audience as it drives deeper engagements with them. Currently, digital engagement has become an essential focus for many brands of soda (Singaram et al., 279). Therefore, the video ads being created on a brand of a product is not only for an engagement drive purpose but also for the attraction of new customers. For example, the Coca-Cola advert where the bigs are stealing Coca-Cola from the owner resting in a park, opening it up, and the elixir flowing from the bottle to the beautiful flowers from which every team member received its shares was just credibly fantastic. It created a lot of fun among the audience, thus influencing their perception of Coca-Cola. The adverts were very catchy to the extent that it attracted more than one million views on YouTube. 


We live in a world full of competition, and only brands that chose to be unique and distinct from the rest manage to dominate the market as the rest slowly fades. Coca Cola Company has been in the market the longest and has never lost track n its components and clients. The uniqueness of its brand has made it to be ranked among the topmost exciting beverages. The main reason Coca-Cola has been dominating the market for all this period is how their digital visual adverts have been made. The adverts are objectively oriented on a specific age group, majorly the young generation.


The most significant share of the world population comprises young people, and any business that targets this age group can never fall short of glory and success. Coca-Cola adverts evoke an emotion of joy and happiness among viewers. One moment of fun is enough to influence people to purchase the product to have fun, be happy, and relax free from stress. Coca-Cola Company has never missed incorporating the three aspects that bring a positive change in moods among the viewers, attracting and retaining more clients. An excellent example of a very effective Coca-Cola advert is like the one discussed above in this paper. It attracted many viewers online on YouTube, increasing the number of people having Coca-Cola taste globally.  

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