UNIT 51: International Marketing Assignment

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UNIT 51: International Marketing Assignment

Assignment title  International Marketing Dassault Aviation


  • An electronic copy of your assessment must be fully uploaded by the deadline date and time.
  • You must submit one single PDF or MS Office Word document. Any relevant images or screenshots must be included within the same MS Office Word or PDF document.
  • The last version you upload will be the one that is marked. Your paper will be marked if you have indicated this as your final submission.
  • Review the mitigating circumstances policy for information relating to extensions.
  • The file size must not exceed 20MB.
  • Answer the criteria in order, clearly indicating the pass criteria number.
  • Ensure that all work has been proof-read and checked prior to submission.
  • Ensure that the layout of your documents are in a professional format with font style Arial, font size 12 for the text, font 14 for sub heading and font 16 for main heading, line spacing 1.5 and justified.
  • Use the Harvard referencing system; otherwise it will be considered as plagiarised work.
  • Ensure that you back-up your work regularly and apply version control to your documents.
  • Ensure that any file you upload is virus-free, not corrupted and not protected by a password otherwise it will be treated as a non-submission.
  • You must NOT submit a paper copy or email of this assessment to any member of staff at LSST.
  • Your work must be original with the appropriate referencing

Learner Declaration

I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own and research sources are fully acknowledged.
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Introduction and guidance

Welcome to the International Marketing Assessment paper

The scenarios and questions below need to be addressed fully for you to achieve a pass in this paper.

In addition, you will need to address the merit and distinctions within your answers to achieve a merit and a distinction

Read the scenarios thoroughly.

Scenario One: Business Report

Dassault Aviation is an international French aircraft manufacturer. Based in France, it produces military, regional and business jets. The business is sound but competition is fierce, particularly from manufacturers located in emerging economies such as Brazil and China. These nations already their own plane manufacturers but with a domestic market thirsty for new economic and efficient planes, the markets must respond to demand.

With a mature market in Europe and United States, Dassault Aviation is developing its sales activities in the Middle East, China, India and Latin America, where the challenges in terms of language, culture and ethics are enormous. With its innovative and flexible offering, Dassault Aviation is confident that it will continue to win significant deals and increase its sales in these regions.

In your position as International Marketing Assistant Manager, you are required to develop an effective international marketing plan to help improve sales in the emerging markets such as Middle East, China, India and Latin America.

The Falcon 8X is a brand new aircraft which Dassault wish to bring to the aviation market, the airliner is fast and extremely spacious, perfect for commercial international flights. Dassault have plans for this new product to go global and be a key addition to their international strategy.

Task One –
Writing a Memo

LO1: Understand the concept of international marketing for potential foreign markets.

Write a detailed memo to your International Marketing Director that explains the importance of adopting an International Marketing Approach (IMA) as a prelude for international development operations.

The following ACs must be included in your memo;

AC1.1 In your memo to the International Marketing Director, provide an explanation of why Dassault Aviation should develop international marketing.

Write in a memo format.

    • Give 2 examples of why Dassault should expand its international marketing
    • How will Dassault benefit from international marketing?

AC1.2 Include an analysis of at least one emerging market in which Dassault Aviation wishes to operate in terms of PEST (Political – Economic – Social – Technology).

Write in a memo format.

    • Briefly outline what is PEST
    • Conduct a PEST analysis on a potential emerging market (country) for Dassault Aviation
    • Select which PEST factor is the most important for Dassault and justify why?

AC1.3 Evaluate international marketing research techniques for Dassault Aviation’s new product launch of the new Falcon 8X.

Write in a memo format.

    • Outline 2 international marketing research techniques
    • Apply these techniques to Dassault aviation’s new product launch
    • Give the advantages these marketing techniques will have for Dassault's new product

AC1.4 Evaluate how Brazil as a foreign target market will be attractive for Dassault’s new product

Write in a memo format.

    • Briefly discuss the Brazilian market
    • Evaluate how the Brazilian market will be attractive for Dassault’s new product
    • Give the potential advantages & disadvantages the Brazilian market will have on this new product
    • Justify and give your opinion on this market for Dassault’s new product, any recommendations?

Merits and Distinctions
D1 (relates to Q1.1)
(i) Give one reason why Dassault Aviation should not develop international marketing using and synthesising a range of sources of information to support your answer.
(ii) Justify your argument; provide evidence of at least 2 sources of information used to support your answer.

D3 (relates to Q1.2)
(i) Suggest which PEST factor is most important for Dassault Aviation
(ii) Give a critical evaluation into why this factor is the most important, draw on other examples using various sources to justify your point.

Scenario Two – Location choice and mode of entry into international markets
As part of Dassault’s expansion strategy and despite intense competition with Embraer, a Brazilian jet manufacturer, you have succeeded in convincing your International Marketing Director to expand into Brazil. To operate in this new market several options are available. These options may consist of direct or indirect export, foreign direct investment or establishing a new manufacture.

Task Two –
Business Report

LO2: Understand how to make export channel and distribution decisions.

As International Marketing Assistant Manager, your task will be to assess all these options and suggest to the International Marketing team the one you think might be the most appropriate and effective. Provide your assessment and recommendations in a report format.

In your report, the following must be included carefully;

2.1 Explain how channels evolve in distributing the Falcon 8X to an export market.

Write in a report format.

  • Briefly explain how channels evolve in distribution
  • Using Dassault’s new product as evidence show how channels evolve in distribution to an export market

2.2 & 2.3
Describe reliable export channels
Include an evaluation of the export distribution channels for Falcon 8X.

Write in a report format

    • Discuss what is a reliable export channel using examples
    • Compare and contrast one distribution channel to another distribution channel
    • Give an evaluation of distribution channels for Dassault’s new product

2.4 Analyse how foreign manufacturing and investment decisions are made; in your analysis
make specific reference to Dassault Aviation manufacturing and investing in Brazil.

Write in a report format

    • Briefly discuss foreign manufacturing and investment decisions in the context of how they are made
    • Using Dassault as an example comment on how they would manufacture and invest in Brazil
    • Make comment on the potential success or failure
    • Discuss the levels of decisions to be made (Strategic, tactical, operational)

Merits and Distinctions
M1 (relates to Q2.2/2.3)
(i) Compare this distribution channel to an alternative channel. How does it compare? What are the strengths or weaknesses of the alternative channel?
(ii) Using your own opinion give a justification of why one channel is more reliable than the other

M3 (relates to Task 2)
Appropriate report structure and approach have been used
(i) Must use a business report format

Task Three – Marketing Plan for the Brazilian Market

LO3: Be able to present a marketing plan for a foreign market
LO4: Understand control methods for international marketing

All preliminary tasks have been conducted and Dassault Aviation’s International Marketing Director is willing to set up a manufacturing plant in Brazil. However, he needs to create and implement a marketing plan for this market and asks you to design the marketing plan for the Falcon 8X to be marketed in Brazil.

In your planning document, the following must be included carefully;

3.1 Produce a set of international marketing objectives for the Falcon 8X.

Write in a marketing plan format

    • Create your own international marketing objectives based on Dassault’s new product
    • Objectives must reflect trading, integrating economies, encouraging social and cultural exchange, improving welfare and assistance of countries people etc.

3.2 Create and outline how you plan to enter into the Brazilian market.

Write in a marketing plan format

    • Create a plan to enter the Brazilian market
    • When making your strategy consider various international market entry methods
    • Consider criteria such as the product, resources, competition, public policy, pricing, internal capabilities etc.

3.3 Identify and include the international marketing mix in planning for the Brazilian market.

Write in a marketing plan format

    • Outline the international marketing mix
    • Apply the international marketing mix towards the Brazilian market

3.4 Review relevant ethical and environmental issues in international marketing within Brazil

Write in a marketing plan format

    • Comment on the ethical and environmental issues within Brazil
    • Use examples to enhance your review of these topics
    • Make suggestions on how to improve these 2 topics for Brazil

4.1 Explain why international marketing planning should be monitored.

Write in a marketing plan format

    • Explain why international marketing should be monitored with relation to the new product from Dassault
    • Mention the importance of monitoring and what risks could happen without it

4.2 Analyse ways of controlling export channels

Write in a marketing plan format

    • Outline what is an export channel
    • Outline the ways of controlling export channels
    • Give working examples towards controlling export channels
    • Reflect and justify your opinion on this process

4.3 Describe barriers to international marketing

Write in a marketing plan format

    • Outline the various barriers towards international marketing
    • Give working examples on how these barriers affect international marketing

4.4 Evaluate methods of communication with key international marketing personnel.

Write in a marketing plan format

    • Outline various methods of communication
    • Give the advantages and disadvantages of these communication methods
    • Using an example or scenario, suggest which of these methods are suitable for communicating with key marketing personnel

Merits and Distinctions
M2 (relates to Q4.2)
(i) Select one method of monitoring and apply it to the marketing plan for Falcon 8X in Brazil
(ii) Discuss the effectiveness of this monitoring method using justification

D2 (relates to Q3.1)
(i) In delivering and generating your objectives, ensure that you show their interdependence and personalisation
(ii) Produce a set of SMART objectives

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