Assignment 2: Business Research Project

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Assignment 2: Business Research Project


The main objective of undertaking this research activity is to understand several elements that have an impact on the increasing staff turnover that is a serious concern in Massah’s Kitchen which is a newly established private limited company that operates in the hospitality industry. Since it was only established in the year 2015, it is vital to understand the process that is not working in favour of the business entity so that it can identify the same and take remedial measures to perform sustainably in the sector.

The main aims of studying the specific business scenario include the analysis and understanding of the best and most suitable recruitment and selection process in the hospitability sector, exploring and getting a better knowledge of the pros and cons of different kinds of recruitment processes, trying to determine the primary elements or factors that are responsible for the high staff turnover in the Massah’s Kitchen firm and assess several methods that are crucial to motivate the staff of Massah’s Kitchen so that they will be willing to continue working in the hospitality company (Edwards, et al., 2017).

The various research questions that have been mentioned in the proposal of the specific research have been analysed in this research study so that the readers can understand the overall scenario faced by the hospitality business concern. It includes the arrival at the best recruitment process for Massah’s Kitchen, understanding the numerous factors that play crucial roles in encouraging the staff to quit their job in the newly established hospitality firm, exploring the reason for motivating the staff to stay with the business concern and finally elaborate on the entire scenario which motivates the researcher to conduct the research study on this particular topic concerning the Massah’s Kitchen business.

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Research investigation and evaluation

As per Hewson & Stewart, the research methodology section is a vital part of any research activity that is being conducted with the defined object to arrive at an accurate conclusion. It involves the overall process that is involved in the collection of relevant information and facts to arrive at the particular research conclusion. It includes various sources like previously published research articles, interviews, surveys, etc. Both current and historical data can be used in the research methodology to get a holistic picture of the specific subject (Hewson & Stewart, 2016).

Assignment 2: Business Research Project

Figure 1 (Mertens, 2014)

In our particular research on the current situation of Massah’s Kitchen business, information from different kinds of sources has been used to arrive at an accurate conclusion which will help the business to reduce its high staff turnover. These sources help in giving a holistic view of the prevalent issue within the business and arrive at relevant solutions based on the research outcome. Based on the collected data and information, a descriptive study has been conducted for a thorough and precise evaluation of the research data.

Proposed research investigation

Secondary research evaluation

The secondary research is a vital component of the business research. This section uses the primary research of a party relating to a similar subject matter, in the form of research reports or journals which can validate and support the primary research process that has been followed in the case of Massah’s Kitchen.

As per the particular research activity that has been conducted in the nation, it is observed that since the hospitality industry is a service-oriented human-intensive industry, staff satisfaction and motivation are vital to delivering better quality services to its customers (Huda, Haque & Khan, 2014). Professionalism in Human resource management and appropriate skill development is a primary essential in any business concern (Mertens, 2014). To have a solid and effective recruitment process, a business needs to focus on its positioning strategy, employer branding model, promotion of employee retention initiative, effective job application process, and prioritization of the recruitment process as a human resource strategic activity. Thus a business operating in the hospitality industry must focus on the effective functioning in the mentioned areas to face the recruitment challenges in an effective manner (Molas-Gallart, et al., 2016). While recruiting a desired candidate in any industry, the management needs to focus on several traits of an individual like prior experience in the hospitality industry, the kind of employment that is being offered, etc and accordingly carry out the recruitment and selection process.

According to this research article, an effective management strategy needs to be adopted by hospitality business firms to employ and retain skilled and talented employees (Christensen & Rog, 2008). It states that a failed recruitment and selection approach has serious consequences on a business firm as it reduces a firm’s overall productivity and efficiency, negatively affecting its ability to meet the production requirements and customer needs, etc (O’Sullivan, et al., 2016). The employee retention strategy is an important driver in the hospitality sector. Some of the key techniques for retaining employees include fair compensation mechanisms, appropriate decision-making power, skill development opportunities, retirement benefits, positive employer branding, etc. All these methods could be adopted to reduce the employee turnover issue faced by a business concern (Patten, 2016).

Self-Efficacy and Its Influence

Primary research evaluation

The collection of primary data has been vital for this particular research activity involving the high staff turnover issue of Massah’s Kitchen. The primary data was collected by sharing survey questionnaires among the officials of the hospitality firm. Two sets of survey questionnaires were prepared – the first set was for the management team of the business and the second set was for the other staff members working at Massah’s Kitchen. The strict confidentiality regarding the research activity was maintained throughout the entire process (Paulheim, 2017). This input from primary sources is vital in our particular research scenario since it makes available a set of genuine input to the research team which can help the management team to arrive at appropriate conclusions after the thorough evaluation and analysis of the collected data.

The data that was collected from these distributed questionnaires have helped in better understanding the internal processes of the business firm and in getting a simpler insight into the internal people working with Massah’s Kitchen. It covers various internal aspects like using the wage model as an employee retention tool, the significance of the business working environment on job performance and satisfaction, the scope for growth in the particular industry by working with the company, the effectiveness of the online recruitment process in the business firm, the role of the size of the business operations of Massah’s Kitchen on employee motivation, etc. Since data covering all these vital elements have been collected by using the quantitative technique of data collection, the analysis and investigation process of this research activity is based on genuine sources (Pyrczak, 2016).

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Matching resources to research questions

The best suitable recruitment process for Massah’s Kitchen

The various sources that are available on the internet that have been referred for our research topic suggest that the most suitable recruitment process for Massah’s Kitchen is the recruitment of skilled professionals using external sources. Even though it is an expensive method at least it will address the serious issue that is prevailing in its business process. This method will help the newly established business to recruit the right set of staff who can add value to its business and operations (Pyrczak, 2016). This step will also help the business to have better chances of facing stiff competition in the external business environment. Other than the adoption of this recruitment process, the business needs to focus on its brand image and take the necessary steps to adopt a strong employer branding initiative.

Assignment 2: Business Research Project

Figure 2: Recruitment Process (Rubin & Babbie, 2016)

Factors contributing to high staff turnover rates at Massah’s Kitchen

The primary data collected for our research activity from the survey questionnaire reveals that the current working officials at Massah’s Kitchen are content with the overall business environment and its operations. They have rated the overall work culture adopted in the hospitality business firm and they also think that working in the business can help them to grow in the hospitality sector. However, the trend of high staff turnover that is the prevailing issue of the business entity says otherwise (Rubin & Babbie, 2016). Since there is high turnover among the staff of the concern some of the crucial factors might be the external factors namely ineffective recruitment and selection process adopted by the concern. The ineffective model of employing new staff by the hospitality business is the main reason for the high turnover of its staff. Thus as per the research survey among the employees of the business, an online recruitment process can be adopted to employ the right set of people with relevant skill sets and talent.

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Reasons for motivating the staff of Massah’s Kitchen

This is a crucial research question that the business firm needs to focus on since it can have a vital impact on the overall performance and productivity of the business concern in the hospitality industry. It is vital to keep the staff motivated since they are the ones who help the business firm to have a sustainable performance in the ever-changing market scenario. One of the vital reasons for motivating the employees of a concern is to minimize or reduce the high staff turnover rate. Internal motivation plays a crucial role in encouraging them to enhance their work performance and output for their current business undertaking.

Assignment 2: Business Research Project

Figure 3 (Susilo, et al., 2017)

In this particular research case, Massah’s Kitchen should motivate its working staff by increasing their wages based on their productivity and contribution to its business operations and maintaining a proper and professional working environment so that its high staff turnover issue can be minimized (Sifneos, 2013). The motivation by the business to its employees will improve its employee retention mechanism and contribute to the overall growth of the business in the hospitality sector. It will also increase the size and scope of the business functions and productivity of Massah’s Kitchen in its particular operating sector.

Motivation to conduct this research study

The final research question was the motivating factor of the subject which encouraged the research team to conduct the research study on this particular topic. In the current business scenario where there are several external and internal elements that play a vital role in the business operation model, it is vital to analyse one of the current challenges that is faced by the majority of business concerns relating to the increasing staff turnover.

The dire situation of Massah’s Kitchen due to its high staff turnover has been the focal point of the research article so that the impact of various factors can be analysed and necessary remedial actions can be taken to control this management issue. Since the hospitality industry has high competition, the outcome and recommendations from this research study can help the business firm control its staff turnover challenge and have a favourable in the vast hospitality industry (Susilo, et al., 2017). The topic covers the overall business and management scenario and the need to adopt an effective recruitment process which can help in the expansion of a business firm in its operational sector.

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Interpretation and analysis of the research results

The research topic on the recruitment and selection process adopted by the Massah’s Kitchen business covers the subject concerning the high staff turnover issue faced by the new business concern – Massah’s Kitchen. This trend is not a positive sign for its brand, business operations and overall performance since it creates a bad name for the undertaking in the hospitality sector. Thus this particular research activity has been undertaken to understand how the recruitment and selection process of the hospitality concern can be improved so that its rising staff turnover issue can be controlled in the business environment.

The research has been supported by relevant data acquired from both primary sources and secondary sources. The use of more than one source of data collection helps the objective of the research activity since it allows better coverage of the specific scenario of the business firm and similar situations that arise in the hospitality industry. The survey questionnaire model helps the research activity since it highlights the view of the internal factors that have an impact on the staff turnover issue at Massah’s Kitchen (Thelwall, 2016). The highlights of this section of data collection include the views of both the management team and the staff team of the concern that were selected on a random basis.

According to the response through the questionnaire majority of officials i.e. 11 out of 24 believe that high wages could be a motivating factor for them to continue working in the business concern. The significance of a professional working environment at Massah’s Kitchen was supported by 9 respondents out of the whole sample of 24. 7 of them did not have any view regarding this matter; this indicates that the business firm can work on its current work culture and environment so that it can act as a motivating factor for its employees. Even though the hospitality firm was established only two years ago 18 respondents gave a positive view regarding the scope for personal growth in the business concern. This is a positive sign for the undertaking (Venable, Pries-Heje & Baskerville, 2016). A high number of respondents believed that the online recruitment process would be an effective tool to employ the right candidates for the job and would reduce the turnover issue of the business concern. 16 officials thought that online recruitment would be the best method to reduce the staff turnover rate. The response towards the overall size and scope of business operations of Massah’s Kitchen also received positive feedback since 18 employees appreciated these attributes of the business undertaking.

Thus the data that was collected through primary sources showcased that the overall business process, operations, remuneration model, etc were better than average as compared to the industry standard. The only issue that the business faces is its rising turnover challenge which could be controlled by adopting a more effective recruitment strategy (Susilo, et al., 2017, January).

The research papers that were referred to in this research activity covered the same subject matter concerning the recruiting and retention challenges (Paulheim, 2017). They highlighted several factors that could be looked upon to control the rising employee turnover issue. Some of the techniques were effective positioning strategy, strong employer branding model, promotion of employee retention initiative, effective job application process, fair compensation mechanism, appropriate decision-making power, skill development opportunity, retirement benefits, etc. Thus the referred articles reveal that the employee turnover issue is faced by a large number of business firms operating in the hospitality industry. The management team of Massah’s Kitchen business needs to improve its recruitment model to control this challenge.

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Recommendations and areas for further consideration

The most vital recommendation for Massah’s Kitchen based on the primary and secondary data analysis would be the adoption of an effective recruitment model like the external recruitment model or online recruitment model which could help it to employ the right set of candidates based on their talent, skill-set and experience. The online mode would help it target a large number of prospective employees.

Another aspect that could be improved by the hospitality concern is that it could work on its current work environment and overall professional culture. As per the primary data analysis, a large number of respondents had a neutral view towards the working environment that is adopted by the business concern. Since it is a new business concern, it needs to maintain a positive and unbiased work culture otherwise it might get a bad reputation in the hospitality industry.

The business could also try to expand its operations since the data analysis revealed that the business had positively helped the employees in the growth aspects of the industry. The data revealed that out of 100 per cent, 75 per cent of respondents had favourable views about the job satisfaction scenario. Since job satisfaction is one of the most crucial elements in any business model, the expansion of Massah’s Kitchen’s operations would encourage the employees to perform better and increase their productivity. This step would further help the business firm to have a stronger and more positive brand presence in the industry.



The research activity covers a very crucial topic which can be beneficial for almost any business organisation that is operating in the ever-changing market. Employee or staff turnover issue has been a challenge that has always existed in all kinds of industries irrespective of their nature and size. Business firms need to understand the need to adopt different kinds of management techniques which will help them to effectively deal with this situation. The current research article has analysed the rising staff turnover issue that is posing threats to the operations and productivity of Massah’s Kitchen business which functions in the hospitality sector. The data analysis reveals that the business has several positive and strong business elements but the high staff or employee turnover rate has had a severe impact on its growth and profitability. After the analysis of the business situation, several recommendations have been included in this research study which can be adopted by the hospitality business to enhance its position in the market. The research activity was conducted with the help of both primary and secondary sources of data which guarantees the authentic nature of the particular study. It also includes several models which can be adopted by business concerns to improve the overall recruitment, selection and retention process within a business firm.

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