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325HSC Promoting Healthy Communities Sample Call - +44-74800-56698 For People With Learning Disabilities and Mental Health challenges Question - Public Health Organisation Organisation: Three Cs that stands for ‘Control and Choice in the Community This organisation is under operation for over 20 years to provide support for living in Lewisham, Southwark, Greenwich, Newham, Redbridge and Hackney. Three Cs currently provide community suppor..Readmore


Task 1 The requirement of craft activities is not only perceived in the necessity for entertainment of children but also to ensure their cognitive development. The variety of craft activities which can be identified for various age groups of children can be presented as follows. 6 months to 1 year:..Readmore

BHO0217 Global Management in Context Coursework Sample

Introduction Due to the change in the market regulation as well as in the advent of new technologies, the non-traditional business models are flourishing in the market, often co-existing in the same market or sharing the same sector. The corporate borders are becoming more blurred as they are interl..Readmore

(MGBG13) Principles of Project Management

Business Case Executive Summary  The business case that has been presented relates to the innovative housing solutions that have been specifically designed for students in the Jönköping area of Sweden. The modular housing concept that has been designed takes into account the short-term living needs..Readmore


Introduction: In order to maximize the potentiality of the enterprise, different innovative tools use to be implemented which further change the working pattern or the entire workforce of the enterprise. The study would elaborate on changes that would contribute towards enhancing the effectiveness a..Readmore

CSDR0407 – Critical Analysis

Introduction: The primary aim of critical analysis of a research paper is vested in identifying the validity of the research process including literature review, considerations for the research problem, presentation of appropriate methodologies for conducting the research and the suitability of data..Readmore

BMS0064 Assessment Task – Reflection and Portfolio Sample

Part 1 – Reflection Introduction The professional setting encompasses various challenges for a fresher or a new professional individual. This reflective model has been designed as a self-analysis that I have conducted on myself to identify my professional skills and knowledge. After conducting the s..Readmore