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BMS0064 Assessment Task – Reflection and Portfolio

Introduction During the course of the year, you will have engaged in a process of self-analysis in relation to your professional skills and should have made demonstrable progress in advancing specific skills competencies. We assess this learning and development at two stages. The first assessment falls in the first term when you will have to undertake a process of self-analysis and present an action plan for the remainder of the year. The second assessment falls at the end of the second teaching..Readmore

CSSS0401 Speech Analysis

Speech Analysis Emma Watson, an actor turned social activist, has begun her fight against gender inequality, soon after she reached a level of fame.  While some women leaders of the world dreaded using the word ‘feminist’, Emma Watson giving a speech to the audience of United Nations (UN) did not he..Readmore

Language Media and Communication Service

Poem The poem that has been selected for analysis is “Italian Sonnet” by James DeFord. This poem has been selected because it is a simple yet meaningful piece that has significant emotions and feelings attached to it. The theme and structure of the poetry have been highlighted below. The difficulty..Readmore

Leadership Practices

Introduction  Leadership is the process by which a person can influence others in order to achieve the objectives and direct the organization in order to make it coherent and cohesive. Basically, leaders apply various leadership attributes i.e. ethics, values, beliefs, character, knowledge and skill..Readmore

BSOM023 KPIs Assessment Sample

Introduction  Supply chain management refers to the flow of products and services and it involves the storage and movement of raw materials. For the study, a well-known organisation, DTKs has been selected. In the study, the CEO has to outline DTK’s Kidzone and other companies, DTK Kidzone needs to..Readmore

734N1 Global Business Individual Essay Assignment Sample

Introduction: Globalization has attained unfathomable heights in the recent decade with prolific improvements noticed in the domain of communication and technology. Therefore, the overlapping of international borders has been a profound resultant from the promotion of globalization (Baccaro, 2002)...Readmore


What kinds of incentives would you provide to motivate employees at tesla and why those particular incentives? An incentive is a motivating factor that is intended to drive behavior and inspire people to generate high-quality work. Organizations like as Tesla have long tried to retain people without..Readmore