People and Organisation

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Length: 2000 words 

Format: Report Format 

Task Required: 

•Empathy and Trust, or  

Students are then to prepare a literature review about the chosen topic that defines the key terms and outlines key theories or models and application (Approx. 1000 words). 

People and Organisation

Students must utilise at least three (3) of the diagnostic tools undertaken during the workshops (such as the Johari Window, Thomas Khilman Conflict Questionnaire, The Big 5, ESCI, Belbin Team Inventory etc.) that provide insights into current capabilities or preferences. Students are to contrast the results of the diagnostics tests and compare these to the literature so as to identify key strengths and weakness in their managing others capabilities (Approx. 500 words). 


Students are then to identify two areas for improvement. Using your learnings from the literature review and diagnostic tools, develop a realistic plan of activities designed to improve your knowledge and skills over a 6 month period (Approx. 500 words). 

Research Requirements: A minimum of 12 scholarly references are to be used that includes at least 8 peer-reviewed journal articles included as citations within the report. 

Convention and Event Planning and Operation

Keep in mind that all external sources should be peer-reviewed journal articles or scholarly book chapters. If you are in doubt about whether a source is peer-reviewed, or about what constitutes a journal article or scholarly book chapter, you need to ask your lecturer/professor or tutor. 

Assessment Criteria 

The marking criteria for this assessment task are provided in a separate document, but these criteria include the following components: 


BIZ101: Business Communications

1. Ability to construct a detailed and cohesive literature review that defines key concepts and terms related to the selected competency/capability 
2. As part of the literature review to summarise and contrast key concepts/models related to the selected competency/capability 
3. Provide the results of 3 diagnostic tools that relate to the selected competency and to analyse these against the literature to identify personal strengths and weaknesses 
4. Ability to devise a personal (management) development plan, supported by literature, that addresses these key capability needs 
5. Demonstrate a breadth and quality of research by using a minimum of 16 academic sources from recommended texts and Journal articles 
6. Use of the Harvard in-text referencing system to correctly cite academic sources

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