Research Methodologies

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Discussion Post Assignment

Questions to be used as a guide (not all will be appropriate or the priority in the space available: you need to decide
on the priority givin the limited amount of words available to you)

Research problem 
What was the problem the research set out to address? What was the research objective/questions/hypothesis(es)?

Literature review: 
What themes are synthesised in the literature?
What areas in the literature were critiqued?
What contribution to knowledge is this research claiming to make?
Research Design
What are the variables/concepts under study?
What measures were used to investigate the variables? How was the method employed?
What were the results?
What kinds of statistics were used? (If any)

Note any unfamiliar terms used: 
What areas have been identified for future researchers?

Assignment structure: 
Part A: Review of each of the four articles: 250 words each x 2 = 500 words
Part B: Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the methods used and contents in the articles in relation to the
research topics discussed. What other methods could also be used? (500 words)

Marking Guide for Assignment 2 
• Suitable review of each of the four articles (10 marks)
• Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of methods used. Identification of other methods that would be appropriate. (10 marks)

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