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HLTEN505C Contribute to the complex nursing care of clients

Unit Code / Name HLTEN505C Contribute to the complex nursing care of clients Program Code / Name HLT51612 - Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled / Division 2 Nursing) Assessor Name Due Date   First Submission Date Assessment No AS Resubmission Date Assessment Method  Practical Demonstration    Oral Questions   Presentation     Role Play    Assignments     Case Study     Portfolio     Research   Project  Written Questions     Workplace Project     Exams     Written Tasks Brief Description of Task Review..Readmore

Contemporary Issues in Business & Management

Explain the term disruptive innovation. (Make clear and understandable; give reasons for; interpret and account for) Critically discuss how disruptive innovation could help the bottom of the pyramid. (Comment on the merit of data/theories/opinions/relevance; judge evidence; weigh up strengths / bene..Readmore

HR and Communication Management

Assessment task 3: Individual Assessment (40%) This assignment will help you provide adequate and effective feedback, which is a vital part of successfully communicating with other stakeholders and colleagues. Effective feedback, regardless of negative or positive, can help individuals to become bet..Readmore

HI6006 Competitive Strategy Individual Assignment

HI6006 Assignment 1 T3 2017 Individual Assignment Requirements Assessment Criteria Suggested word limit: 1000 words (±10%) Component Weighting: 20% Due Date: 5pm Friday Week 6 Submission format: Soft copy of a Word.docx to be uploaded on Blackboard through 'Assignments and due dates' menu Important..Readmore

BUS5IAF Introduction to Accounting and Finance

Assignment 2: Business Simulation - General Instructions Instructions for Assignment 2 (Business Simulation) INTRODUCTION This assignment is comprised of a 6‐part Business Simulation.  The assignment will closely follow the course of the subject, with the various parts of the assignment closely link..Readmore

MAN501 Comparison of National Cultures

Assessment 1 – MAN501 Comparison of National Cultures The assignment is based upon comparing and contrasting the culture in two different countries. One country should be one which you know very well, having lived there for a significant period of time. The other country is to be selected on the bas..Readmore


MPE781 T3.2017    Assignment Assignment Overview: This assignment is partly based on an attached article, “Australia,” IMF Country Report No. 15/275, pp. 1-21, September 2015, and a news article, “New duty and land tax surcharges for foreign buyers of land in Australia,” by Clayton Utz, 23 June 2016..Readmore