ENEE14007 Electrical Machines and Drives Applications

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ENEE14007 Electrical Machines and Drives Applications

Team Project Description

NOTE: This assessment carries 40% of the final unit total. The project will be marked out of 100 and the total will be scaled down to a mark out of 40 to be added to the unit total

Students need to score more than 40% (16/40) to pass this assessment item

The team project has been designed to give the students the experience of undertaking a design task in electrical machines and drives for an outside client. Students must complete this task in their teams. The task involves communication with the client in order to get information on the design, lodging an expression of interest after initial cost estimates, undertaking the design task while communicating the progress to the client through de-briefing meetings and submitting the final report to the client. Complete

ENEE14007 Electrical Machines and Drives Applications

CQUCoal is a fictional open-cut coal mine operated by CQUniversity Australia. It is theoretically located in Central Queensland, Australia. The purpose of the project is to design a portable pump starter, coupled with a suitable electric motor, to drive a pontoon pump installed at CQUCoal Surface Operations. Technical specifications of the design project are provided.

Property Appraisal

The students are expected to carry out the following tasks:

  1. Study the technical specification document carefully and understand the scope of the work. You are free to communicate with Electrical Project Engineer of CQUCoal for further information (Contact details provided below).
  2. Create your own Spreadsheet to estimate the budget for the project. You may assume that all electrical components required will be bought by CQUCoal upon your design recommendations, while supplying the other material requirements may be considered as client’s responsibility. Hence the teams must concentrate only on time commitments each member is going to make in order to prepare the budget estimate.
  3. Each team must lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the relevant link in the Course Moodle site to the Electrical Project Engineer of CQUCoal before CoB Friday, Week 04 of Term 1 through the submission link in unit Moodle site. The tender must provide a fixed price for the team to undertake this contract together with a Gantt Chart detailing the project progression starting from Monday Week 5 till end of Week 12 where final design report is due. It must also detail what tasks will be carried out by each member of the team together with the expertise of its members. EOI also must detail what the team will present at the debriefing meeting, which will be in Week 08.
  4. CQUCoal will send a purchase order to the successful bidder upon the receipt of EOI.
  5. Upon receiving the purchase order, the teams must start the design process.
  6. All design work under this contract shall comply with the latest revision of all relevant Australian Standards. Please see the end of the document for instructions on how to access the relevant standards through CQUniversity library.
  7. Teams must attend a de-briefing meeting on the progress of the design project in Week 08 as requested by CQUCoal.
  8. The final design report must be submitted to CQUCoal via the submission link in Week 12 of Course Moodle site.

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Essential items in the project report:

The report must be self-structured and is expected to contain all features in a professional report produced by an electrical contractor. You may contact the Electrical Project Engineer/Course Coordinator upon planning the basic structure for any comments. Technical specifications of the project describes various design calculations the contractor must carry out. It also describes several essential figures and circuit diagrams etc. to be produced by the contractor. They can be found in Section 2.0 SPECIFICATIONS in the Technical specifications document. The report must produce all these information except the items described below:

You are not required to spend time on Item 2.5.22 Additional extras may include and it is not expected to be addressed in the final report.

Leadership Development

You may negotiate with CQUCoal regarding the omission of Item 2.5.19 Basic mechanical General Arrangement in case your team runs into time constraints. However, this must be done after prior communication with the client and upon consent from the client.

Project milestones:

  1. Formation of teams in consultation with unit coordinator preferably by the end of Week 2 (more information on this will be provided through unit Moodle site)
  2. Submission of Expression of Interest (Team submission) – CoB Friday, Week 04 of Term 3 (Please see the Course Moodle site for the relevant submission link)
  3. Starting the contract – Monday, Week 05 of Term 3
  4. De-briefing meeting with client to report the progress – Within Week 08 of Term 1 (we will schedule these during the Workshop sessions for on-campus students, while the distance students will be notified about how these meetings will be conducted).
  5. Submission of the final design report (Team submission) – Week 12 of Term 3 (Please see the Course Moodle site for the relevant submission link)
  6. Submission of the peer assessment report (Individual submission) – Week 12 (Please see the Unit Moodle site for the relevant submission link)

Some useful industry contacts of relevant suppliers:

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  1. NHP Rockhampton – This is a local supplier of Rockwell, ABB, Terasaki and so many more electrical products. From Soft Starters, circuit breakers, to current transformers and switchboards – the online catalogues will give students technical data sheets, prices and everything the student will need. NHP (being located in Rockhampton) hopefully will be able to provide the majority of information needed.
  2. Circle C in NSW – Supplier of small transformers. Phone: (02) 9824 0239. Online info is also available.


CQUniversity acknowledges the contribution from Mr. Matthew Leonow in formulating this project by providing all technical specifications according to industry standards.

Steps in finding an Australian Standard through CQUniversity library

  • Go to Library link on CQUniversity
  • Search “Australian Standards” in Library search
  • Scroll down and click “Australian standards online”
  • Click “view full text” (blue link)
  • Click “Standards Australia”
  • Select “Australian” and search for the ASXXXX number

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