Individual Project: Case Analysis

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Unit 16: Managing Communications, Knowledge and Information

Individual Project: Case Analysis

Question 1- Recruiting resources for The Paris Hotel

In the hospitality industry, in order to run a hotel in a successful manner, it becomes vastly important to recruit the most appropriate of the hotel staff. The success greatly depends on the customer service. Moreover, there is a large number of duties that must be performed in the long run. Marketers, receptionists, chefs, waiters and concierge staff are the basic necessities of a hotel. Hence, it provides an abundance of reasons to hire newer and better staff. 

The industry provides numerous career options. But, to be successful one needs to put forward a number of qualities that would satisfy the needs of the customers. One has to understand what the employers expect of them to run the business. At The Hotel Paris, it follows the strategy of using superior guest service to differentiate the properties of the hotel. Hence, the employees must have a desire to make others happy. 

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The best way to recruit the employees for the hotel would be to explore various channels. When looking to recruit employees, the online hotel job boards and the hotel’s very own website to the social media platforms can play a part, providing that the job description is well stipulated. Having a greater understanding of the channels can help attract a wide range of applicants, thus, the hotel has a greater pool of individuals to choose from. From the departmental level, it comes with options for the revenue managers, the sales managers, the IT managers and many more. 

Question 2- Job opening advertisement

When a hotel like The Hotel Paris looks to recruit new employees, there prevails a number of ways in which they can advertise and list the opening of jobs at the hotel. When advertising the job openings, it is important to keep a note of the fact that it is never about getting the word out, rather, it must be to attract the right kind of individuals to work with the organization

Hence, the job opening advertisement of The Paris Hotel must consist of the following:

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  • The input

The hotel needs to be well aware of the skills and the traits that work best for the business. In case it is aware of the same, it is always recommended to take some time and gather feedback from the existing team members. 

  • The job description

It is the most important aspect of an advertisement when hiring employees. To get hold of the most suitable employees, it has to mention the skill sets that the hotel expects out of the employees. It is important for the employees to have a clear sense of listening to the customers above all. 

  • Smart about where to post the advertisement

When the aforementioned steps are done, it is crucial to post the ad. But finding the right place or platform is equally important. The platform should be such that it is easy for the applicants to know about the job opening and attract them at the same time. The website of the hotel, along with the various social media platforms must work well for the hotel. 

Question 3- Metrics to determine effective recruitment process

As in the other aspects of business, the recruitment process holds similar or greater significance that helps to ensure that the strategies and the processes fall into their places, and remain effective. There comes various metrics that help to assess the recruitment process. Among the most common recruitment metrics that The Paris Hotel should take into their consideration are:

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  • Time to fill

It is among the most common recruitment statistics that the companies take to, in order to analyze the effectiveness of their recruitment methods. Such a metric can be tracked in ways more than one, as the time from search kickoff to the offers accepted, or the time spent on every requisition. 

  • Quality of hiring

The time to fill, or the talent hunting process is just one piece of the puzzle. But assessing this process is equally significant. On certain occasions, it can be tricky to measure the metric as it is largely dependent on subjective feedback. A survey to determine the satisfaction of the hiring manager would help to understand the quality of hiring better. 

  • Source of hiring

The source of hiring is a very good metric that reflects on the entire process of recruitment. It provides information about the places that the top talents come from. It gives them an insight into the ways in which they learnt about the job openings and much more.

  • Applicant satisfaction

It takes into consideration the feelings of the new hire about the job. A survey conducted on the same helps to provide vital information about the satisfaction of the employees. 



The case study provides me with a greater insight into the importance of a proper recruitment and selection process within an organization. The process has an immense reflection on the overall success of the organizations. The case study is a prime example of the fact that modern industries are being aware of the necessity of the possession of soft skills by employees. The human resource is constantly on the search for the best people among the pool of talent present. But the selection process tools help to determine whether they are reliable or valid. 

I learnt that the recruitment process is the very first step towards achieving quality within an organization. As the recruitment process becomes effective, the pool of applicants tends to rise, resulting in better-hired employees. The article is a clear reflection of the fact that some of the marketing techniques have gone outdated. One such example is that of newspaper advertisements. Once they found heavy usage, modern times call for modern methods to be adopted by the organization. Posting ads about the job openings on various social media platforms or the website of the organization plays a much better role to attract new applicants. 

One of the major takeaways from the case study from a personal perspective has been that of the contents to be included in an advertisement for a job opening. I hereby learn that it is significantly important to be aware of the skillsets demanded of the applicants. The traits and the personalities that would best fit the organization goes a long way in the long run. The managers and the human resource management team must have an open conversation with the current staff members of the organization to help identify and clarify the motives of the owners. When such things have been sorted out, it is only then that one should conduct feedback and identify the most important job listings. 

Case Study

Research suggests the fact 25% of the new employees tend to leave their jobs within the first year of their recruitment. Under such circumstances, it can put the recruitment process under immense pressure. New hire turnover is no more a rare scenario. But it tunes detrimental when the top members move to the nearest competitors. Hence, I gather from the case study that a comprehensive evaluation of the recruitment process provides the organization with a chance to recognize the internal gaps and capabilities of the same. Employee satisfaction can be better understood in this manner. Such a method can be a basis on which the entire recruitment process can grow and improve. 

Previously, there were various criteria that the organizations had to set to measure the effectiveness of the recruitment process. But, in the present world, there comes various metrics that help to evaluate the recruitment process.

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