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SIT365 Assignment 2 — 2018 Usability Evaluation

Human Computer Interaction Assignment Overview   Due date: Fri 20 Apr at 5pm (Week 6) Weighting: 15% Mode: Individual Requirements: From the guidelines presented in Assignment 1, you are required to perform your own usability evaluation on your allocated website/web app. Your evaluation should also consider user needs by creating a user persona. Related ULOs & GLOs: ULO 1, ULO 3 & GLO 1, GLO 4 Assignment Summary This second assignment requires the application and use of your website/web..Readmore

BBM 331 E-Business Management

Project Report (Part A) Evaluation and provide recommendations for an e-Business web site Format: Report Value: 70 marks (weighting 7% of final grade) Due date: Week 11 Length: Approx. 2500 – 3000 words (excluding images) The purpose of this project is to apply the theories, tools and techniques to..Readmore

Systems Engineering For Managers

49004 Systems Engineering for Managers – Autumn Session 2018 Individual Assignment: Aim: This assignment seeks to help you understand some of the basic concepts of systems and systems engineering that we have considered so far, either through your readings or in class. As you attempt the assignment,..Readmore

Professional Skills

How to be a successful professional in {Marketing Industry}? Your task is to make a presentation about the qualities of a successful professional in the marketing industry.  You may select one successful professional from your industry in order to exemplify the skills and demonstrate their use in ac..Readmore

Nursing – Structure and Dynamics of Organizational Systems

Structure and Dynamics of Organizational Systems paper instructions. For the below assignment I chose Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, Florida. Their website is Or you can put Tampa General Hospital into a search engine. In this written assignment, select a healthcare system or..Readmore

ENEE14007 – Assignment 1

School of Engineering & Technology ENEE14007 - Electrical Machines and Drives Applications Assignment 1 NOTE: This assessment carries 15% of the final unit total. Each question in the assessment will be marked out of 20, and the total will be scaled down to a mark out of 15 to be added to the un..Readmore

R/508/0486 Marketing Essentials

Nescot University Assignment name: Marketing Essentials  Module number and title: R/508/0486 Unit 2 Marketing Essentials Task 1 Instructions on Submission format The submission is in the form of a 10-minute individual PowerPoint presentation and 5 minutes allocated for questions. The presentation sl..Readmore