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SIM337 – Contemporary Developments in Business and Management

Activity: Prepare a management report of 3,500 to 4,000 words* on an organization within one of the following industry sectors**: 1. Postal and courier activities H53 2. Wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles G45 3. Programming and broadcasting activities J60 4. Manufacture of rubber and plastics products C22 5. Rental and leasing activities N77 This report should assess the impact of external business environmental factors on the organization and evaluate the or..Readmore

Human Resource Management

Introduction People are the key to an organisation's success this unit will look at the principles of effective Human Resource Management (HRM). This unit will also look at how a business can attract, recruit and retain talented employees. This HRM unit will explore the tools and techniques that are..Readmore

ECE230 Language and Literacy Development in Early Childhood

Brief description of assessment task Part A: Story Book Reading Carefully select an interesting children’s book and prepare yourself to engage in the Dialogic Reading approach. Audio-record yourself interacting with a child in relation to the storybook that you are reading aloud. The recording shoul..Readmore

Internet of Things Assessment

Task Evaluate the potential of the Internet of Things within your own dwelling. If you already have IoT systems (eg Smart TVs, Smart phones, etc), include these in your discussion. You are limited to a maximum of 2000 words (not including diagrams, tables and references), so you need to produce a re..Readmore

Accounting Information System Assessment 3

Assessment item 3 Systems Documentation and Internal Controls Length: maximum of 1,000 words Task You have been recently employed as an accountant for Motherboards and More Pty Ltd. The CFO has tasked you with reviewing the Revenue cycle and providing advice to management regarding the recent ‘Ranso..Readmore

ENG 2850: Great Works of Literature II

Ghalib essay prompt ENG 2850: Great Works of Literature II Please address the following three things in a 4-page essay. You’re welcome to emphasize some more than others according to your own interests. Everything should be incorporated into a single essay, in paragraph form, and organized coherentl..Readmore

HRMT 20030 – Contemporary Issues in HRM Assessment

Task Your report task is to critique "Google's employee recruiting video" Your report should, (a) identify the key messages about Google as an organisation and as an employer, (b) incorporate HRM theory and literature to assess how effective the video is in attracting the right candidates, and (c) h..Readmore