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The success of an organization depends upon the individual performance of the employees and how well all the members of the company work together to overcome any business obstacle and adapt to the ever-changing business landscape. The article ‘People before Strategy‘ focuses on the HR functions and the challenges that are faced by them in facing those HRM functions and the leadership practices. The article focuses on bringing the contest by analysing the role o9f the CHRO into the strategic fold and the company’s better talent management initiatives for unlocking the capability of the organizational human capital. Organizational performance depends largely upon the people and the job and CHRO can be of enormous help by crystallizing the need of the individual job and how well those needs and requirements are fulfilled by the members of the company. By determining the wide gap between the leader’s talents and the job requirements, CHRO can take up new initiatives, approaches, and act as an effective leader by displaying the highest level of integrity and behavioural skills.  

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HRM within an organization is considered as an important element to navigate the way forward and help the management teams to understand the interplay between the HR practices and the strategic growth within the organization. CHRO acts as the people as advisors within the organizations as Chief people officer (CPO) ensures that all aspects of the HRM management and the industrial relations policy, practices and operations within the organization are done effectively. Strategy always comes at the later part than the people management within a company, as it is nothing without the people involved in it to drive the strategic growth. HR professionals have an increasingly critical role in helping the business line leaders overcome the common pitfall areas and confront the business challenges within their growth and development. The article indicates that CHRO adds value to the CFO, CEO and CFO of the organization. Instead of being a supporting player who just implants decisions within the organization, CHRO plays a central part in the corporate decision-making strategies and acts as a conventional leader across the company (Charanet al. 2015).  

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The leader’s job within an organization is to mostly manage the people and drive a strategy and operational growth within the business (Petrovicet al. 2018). CEO and CHRO share a common understanding of the appropriate actions to get a desirable output from the business and its people. The essay critically examines the new approach that has been suggested by the author in the chosen article that addresses the different challenges that are faced by the HRM functions and their leadership practices. Further, the article intends to develop an understanding of the way suggested approaches contribute to the effective growth of the HRM strategy as well as people management within the organization (Charanet al. 2015). Therefore, the essay intends to form a clear understanding of the new role of CHRO within the organization by placing people before the strategy of a company.  

Overview of the case scenario 

Based on the article ‘People before Strategy’ by multiple authors, indicates the significant role of the CHRO and the HRM functions and the various challenges that need to be faced by them within the organization (Charon et al. 2018). An organizational CEO always perceived the notion that business individually does not create any value within the market or the global competitive environment. It is the work and the individual members within the organization as well as the HRM functions that create value to the business. CEOs often have many negative feedback and complaints against HRM management and leadership goals and strategic directions within the organization as they feel that HR do not understand the appropriate need and requirements within the business rates. The article focuses and prioritizes discussing the several CHRO challenges that address human resource functions and the leadership that is associated with them.  

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The article perpetually draws the concept of; the CEO new contract with the CHRO which means redefining the role of the CHRO. Prior to handling the normal HRM functions and responsibilities, the CHRO is bound to oversee employee satisfaction, workforce engagement, diversity and many such internal issues of people management within the organization (Charon et al. 2018). The article focuses on the idea that the company needs to be flexible with its human capital and CHRO needs to recommend specific actions that add value to the overall business growth and development. The new contractual role of the CHRO will define if it can effectively fulfil the highest level of leadership behaviour or not within the organization. The study indicates that there needs to be a clear understanding that is required to develop between the CEO and the CHRO of the organization, where the CEO should give the chance to the CHRO to grow and shine into the newly defined role. 

Further, the article prioritizes and discusses the formation of a G3 team within a business organization that includes both the intervention of the CFO and CHRO within the team (Charon et al. 2018). With the formation of this team, the financial numbers can be directly linked with people who are responsible for increasing productivity and effectively contribute to shaping the future destiny of the business. Through the approach of the G3 team and attending regular meetings and sessions at the G3 team, the CEO can diagnose the internal problem and the existing gap that prevails within the company and mitigate solutions to fill the existing gap. Moreover, processing and transitioning through the new HR leadership skills, the CHRO can give the opportunity to discuss the above payroll, hiring and performance measurement and manage to understand the greater exposure of the business side (Petrovicet al. 2018).  

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Suggested HR approach in the case study 

In the article ‘Peoplebefore Strategy’, the author has suggested various approaches in regards to people management and understanding the new role for the CHRO within the companies. One of the most significant approaches that are being described in the article is that the ‘CEO needs to rewrite the role of the HR and their job description when CHRO functionalities are involved in it’ (Connell, 2017). This approach indicates that the new job description creates a core decision-making body that comprises CFO, CHRO and CEO. With the determination and implementation of this approach, CHRO can take the role of a leader in advising people within the organization. Along with the changing business scenario, the expectations from the CHRO and the HRM functions are also changing and CHRO has a tremendous contribution in making these changing requirements meet successfully (Svejenova and Alvarez, 2017). Through the help of this approach, the CHRO needs to be armed with information about its competitors in the global business environment and the way they can act as key decision-makers against those at the CHROs organization. The approach of managing human capital through this initiative is the primary focus of the CHRO of every business organization.  

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Predicting outcomes, diagnosing problems and prescribing the best possible solution to the problem is the second most crucial approach that needs to be adopted by the CHRO as suggested in the given case study (Charanet al. 2018). It has been indicated within the study, that HR is reasonable to assess the chances of meeting the business goals by applying their own knowledge of the people’s side. As the performance of the organization is largely dependent upon the people and its job satisfaction, the CHRO assigned helps to meet those individual requirements of the people. Finance and HR need to work together as this acts as a quantitative factor that helps in making the employees feel motivated and measure the performance value depending upon their individual contribution to the growth and development of the business (KHAN and KARUNAGODA, 2019). By the factor of diagnosing problems, the CHRO can effectively analyse the area where improvement is essential and news to discuss the matter with the CEO and CFO immediately. Once the problem internally can be analysed, then an effective solution to resolve the problem can be created by the CHRO. Moreover, through the approaches of the predictive decision b making of the CHRO, they can improve the productivity and competition of the business. The example of Apple change in the new expertise hiring has been presented in this regard within the article.  

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The third most critical approach that needs to be adopted by the CHRO functionalities of the business organization is forming a team or a group signified as ‘ G3’ (Sage-Gavin, 2011).  With the help of the association of this G3 group, the CEO and CHRO can together work in collaboration by forming an internal team that links the financial numbers of the business profit with the overall people of the company. It is the implications of the G3 and its positive effect that makes the connection between the organization and the business results. The G3 approach helps in adding value to the business by allowing the team to identify items on the organizational side and bring an overall improvement in performance and growth (Miles and Van Clieaf, 2017). There have been significant and suitable examples of many G3 programs and meetings that have been developed between the CHRO body and the CEO of the organization to ensure that the business operations and the company are aligned together and both the finance and talent considerations can be managed with a single approach.  

The above-mentioned approaches in the case study for the functional role of the CHRO within the organization are considered as the most suitable and crucial element that needs to be considered while managing people within the company and forming any new strategies (Charanet al. 2018). These approaches suggest that people management is the primary output of the business in recent times more than bringing any strategic growth and policies. It has been determined from the article that strategies are crucial for adopting the change within the business but if people are not satisfied properly, then strategic growth and drive is not possible.   

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Investigation of challenges facing in the HR function and its leadership  

HR is a complex profession and the challenges that are faced by them come from many directions within the business operations. One of the most significant and biggest challenges that have been focused on by the authors of the article in relevance to the case study is the management of human capital and typically undervaluing the functional role of the CHRO within the organization. In the worldwide view of the business context, it has been anticipated from the article that the functions of the HRM are considered as less valuable and managing human capital within the business is one of the most difficult tasks that are being faced by them (Alziari, 2017). Ram Charan, Denis Carey and McKinsey business reports have indicated that HRM business operations are considered among the eighth or ninth position within the business and this idea needs to be changed in the modernism day scenario as indicated in the case study.  

Critical Analysis of a Current HRM Issue

Human Capital management

No company wants to lose the top talent or human resources of the organization as they work as the head of the competitor for the business. Therefore, employee retention and hiring processes are considered the biggest challenges that the organization CHRO faces in terms of retaining the employees within the company. If a topmost official or efficient worker resigns, then the company loses its value in numbers as well as in productivity and this negatively affects the business reputation (McCracken et al. 2017). The companies need to be flexible with their human capital as suggested by the author in the article as it allows the business to unlock or create value. Reassigning people with capital reallocation can help in boosting the companies with good human capital as well as financial growth and management (Anderson, 2013)

Measuring performance of the CHRO

In order to measure the performance of the CHRO, it has been a problematic challenge that is being faced by the organization. The HR leaders are usually being judged on their accomplishments like installing a new process within a specific business budget, recruiting people and completing the target from the right places, providing appropriate training, employee engagement and retention process (Hamilton et al. 2019). All of these challenges are the most talked about and highlighted problems of the CHRO. In regards to the above identification of the problem, it can be stated that the performance of the CHRO of the HRM needs to be measured by the outputs they contribute or give towards the growth of the organization, rather than calculating the revenue, profit margin, brand recognition or the market share. The new expectations with the CHRO and the HRM functions will resolve the problem of the CEO and the challenges that are being faced by HR in terms of employee retention and engagement process.

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HR leadership 

The CEO of the organization needs to assess how well the CHRO meets the job requirements in the recent time and three years from the time he is being appointed as CHRO. The position of the CHRO, by overcoming different challenges, helps in creating new career paths for the HR leaders to activate people having sharp business minds and creativity skills. Through the help of the HR leadership program, HR can help in training and coaching the people to engage in employee retention and achieving the business goal by focusing on a people management approach rather than stray oriented business goals (Stephens, 2015). The aspiring CHROs indeed have the line jobs along the way, as mentioned in the given article, as it will allow them to manage both the people and the budget together with great efficiency. In order to respond to the external environment of the business today, in recent times, the organization needs to have HR leaders who possess the ability of knowledge of algorithms and have a psychological comfort with digitization and the rapid change that takes place within the business. Being a CHRO lower in the modern-day business, it is extremely crucial to hire people within the organization or train them in a manner that they will act as a value creator within the business and be able to think in an innovative manner to release the talent (Guenole et al. 2017)

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Therefore, through overcoming the probable challenges in the HRM function, CHRO will be able to meet the global leadership needs of the organization and the people. 

Recommendation to the specific HR issues

The creation of a triumvirate at the top of the corporation tends to include both the CFO and the CHRO, it is considered to be the ways with which the financial numbers are known to link with financial advisors. It is hence the utmost responsibility of the CFO to be able to consider the key performance indicators, which helps in the involvement of the definite ways with which the diagnosis of the potential problem is to be identified. Managing the transition of regional business leaders was considered to be a big issue for the HR department. The lack of confidence in the CHROs often lacks judgment and people acumen. There is a pertinent fear that is often found to concern the CEOs, which states that issues beyond hiring, payrolls and benefits, the HR department chiefs are not prepared enough. Apart from this, there has been an enduring solution towards the creation of new career paths for most of their HR leaders. It is known for the potential cultivation of business processes (Nankervis et al, 2019). Therefore, based on these definite aspects, the article tends to effectively provide a comprehensive understanding of the potential business activities, which needs to be initiated for the development of potential business objectives. There are certain recommended strategic directions, which are often used by the CHROs for the reassignment of people, which includes the association of capital reallocation. It is considered to be a significant element, which boosts companies to a great extent (Belter et al., 2020). 

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Another major consideration, which needs to be taken into account is that of the initiation of G3 meeting reports. Within the premises of the organisations, it has been found that the meeting reports are essentially published by the provision of an overview of potential meetings. The effectiveness of such meetings is provided by the article, which emphasises assurance that the univariate is able to meet the regular business objectives in an effective manner. It essentially refers to the fact that it is important for both the CFO and the CHROs of the organisations to be able to communicate the potential risks that might be prevalent. Based on this definite understanding, it can be stated that there are five potential focuses, which the CHROs essentially assess (Berman et al., 2019). In addition to this, it cannot be denied that the current competitive business environment has eventually resulted in peer pressure among the HR professionals towards the hiring of the right kind of employees for their organisations. In this context, it is equally important for the CFO and the CHRO to be able to identify the major ways with which the solving of the wrong problem is essentially applicable to the facilitation of mitigating potential business aspects. Therefore, by introducing appraisals, it will be easy and convenient for the HR professionals to be able to set up the achievement of the appraisal considerations, which would motivate the employees into acquiring the best business performance. It is responsible for the facilitation of competitive advantage within the marketplace to a great extent (Aust et al, 2017). 

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The first and foremost focus is that of becoming and staying compliant. It is associated with the obeying of the proper measures, which aim at complying with the organizational standards, which has been initiated. It includes the proper facilitation and dyeing of regulatory demands. CHROs are increasingly facing challenges in embedding accountability among employees. Hence, in order to ensure training and support, it is important to find potential ways for the proper digitisation of regulatory compliance issues (Yi et al, 2019). In addition to this, CHROs in order to restore the confidence of the CEOs in the organisations, it is important for the CHROs to be able to improve the notions of employee engagement and potential experiences. Most of the CHROs are attempting to think about the facilitation of employee experience, which helps in the initiation of holistic and lifecycle programs. It includes feedback and interventions, which would equally help CHROs to be able to develop organizational productivity. Therefore, the primary elements of the article tend to aim at delivering positive outcomes for the provision of financial advice by the CFO. It is hence imperative that the CFOs and the CHROs of the organisations need work in harmony that would help in the proper improvement of employee experiences to a great extent (Aadil et al, 2019).

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Critical examination of the future of HR professionals 

The formation of such a team is considered the single best way, which is involved with the linking of financial numbers. It includes the people who are responsible for hiring the people for the companies based on skill and competency requirements. Furthermore, the CEOs might hold back in the evaluation of CHROs that is responsible for the creation of potential business objectives. Therefore, based on this definite understanding, it can be stated that there are certain commonalities, which are associated with the skills that are perceived by the CHROs. The first and foremost of such elements is gaining a proper understanding of the business ecosystem (Tonelli et al, 2020). It would help in the proper achievement of business success, which helps in gaining a firm grasp of the critical elements considered crucial for business success. The situational awareness perceived by the CHROs is capable of understanding complex environments, which helps in finding ways to navigate the mitigation of risk situations to a great extent. On the other hand, the article tends to emphasise the transition of the new HR. It tends to state the fact that, any potential CEO of a company, who is convinced with the idea that it is important to acquire a competitive advantage, CHRO function is considered a sustainable business ecosystem. The presenting aspects of differentiation need to be the major remunerating factor that helps in the elevation of the HR functions (Fareed et al, 2020).

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It further helps in the creation of a potential mechanism, which knits the CFO and the CHRO to be able to improve the business and expansion of the personal capability of the CEO. The redesigning of the career tracks and potential talent reviews would help in embracing the challenges that help in commitment towards the association of potential HR functions. However, the article tends to emphasize the fact that there is no viable future for HR functions. It is hence important for HR professionals to be able to replace HR objectives in an inevitable manner. On the other hand, it is firmly believed that HR will be able to reimagine strategies, which are responsible for delivering superior experiences. The presence of technology tends to play a significant role in the achievement of the potential business objectives that have been set by the organisations. In accord with the definite elements provided in the case scenario, it is important to assess the potential future trends that would encompass the HR management processes and procedures. The first and foremost future turn is the increase in outsourcing and downsizing of in-house HR management methods. The presence of smaller HR departments will be caused by new technologies, which helps in increased employee participation to a great extent. Another major future trend, which needs to be taken into account is that of the notions of strategic thinking. It is considered to be a leaner version of HR functions (Chung et al, 2019). It is important for the CHRO to be able to include the potential ability to be able to understand the definite business metrics that help in describing more than lagging indicators. It is hence imperative that the department of most of the organisations would result in increased utilisation of analytics and big data. It is further important to embrace analytics and big data that is often included as a part of talent management. Therefore, from this point of view, it can be stated that the career trajectory of HR professionals is likely to determine the potential understanding of data analysis and metrics. It includes turnover ratio and levels of employee engagement (Ben-Gal, 2019). 

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In light of the above assessment and analytic perspectives, it is important to be able to identify certain definite aspects. It is to be noted that the CHRO is considered to be a significant business role. This is because the HR department of an organization is one of the internal wings, which helps in hiring skilled employees. CEOs however form a larger business strategy and are responsible for the utilisation of their budget. This helps the CHRO to be able to increase the facilitation of profitability. It helps in reducing overhead and is responsible for the implications of overall business health. The CEO of HR is often assumed to be in the position of acquiring incredible power. In addition to this, the chief human resource officer is associated with the development and execution of strategic directions of human resources. The specification of succession planning for human resource development helps in the facilitation of talent management along with organizational performance to a great extent (Alserhan and Shbail, 2020).

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It is considered to be in support of the overall business plan and strategic directions. The CHROs of organisations are known to perceive a significant combination of political savviness along with integrity within the premises of the organisations. They are known to essentially possess a definite value, which would help them in understanding their proper use of information for the improvement of organisational processes. In accordance with the research carried out by Deloitte, it has been found that over 94% of the potential executives along with over 88% of employees believe in the initiation of a distinct corporate culture. It is considered to be important towards the potential facilitation of business success. The presence of fostering business culture is considered to be a new trend, which is associated with the growth of responsibility of CHRO. This tends to create a shift in the paradigm of the potential administrative function of the CHRO and is positioned as the most trusted advisor of the CEO of most of the organisations. As peers the definite facets of the definite case study, it has been found that the study trends to create a potential understanding about the new contract that CEOs of organisations have initiated with the CHRO. The investment community of an organization is known to define the job role of a CFO. It is located outside regulators and auditors, which is essentially defined by the Clearview of potential contributions.

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It can be hence stated that the contribution of the CHRO to be able to meet up with the potential execution that the CEO tends to perceive. It tends to further encompass the consideration of key performance indicators. For the assessment of performance, financial information is considered to be one of the most common bases. Hence, the article tends to provide an insight into the proposing of definite alternatives, which helps the HR department to work together with the CEO and the group executives as the chief business advisors of the organisations. In addition to this, another significant characteristic element that this article tends to promote is the fact that CHROs and the CFOsare considered potential advisors. Hence, it is important for them to be able to work in harmony with the CFOs in order to ensure the affiliations of objectives are equally important for the assessment of business performance (Aburumman et al, 2020). The analytic perspective of the CHROs new business function is essentially based on the building of capability, which is associated with the exponential use of predictive data. It is governed by endorsing the recognition that if the manager is unable to facilitate the potential understanding of data analytics, it would result in a slow hiring process. One of the metrics, which would focus on the recruiting plan is associated with the initiation of the potential steps that marketing managers undertake. It is essentially based on reflecting the extent to which the budget allocation and the initiation of the CHRO functions help in increasing revenue and measures improvement. Hence, it is important for the CHROs of the organisations to be able to create the acquisition of meaningful predictions about gaining competitive advantage.

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The potential implications of such aspects help in the inclusion of likely implications that are related to human resources (Mousa and Othman, 2020). The perfect instance of Apple’s hiring method that is associated with hiring medical technology people is based on the acquisition of myriad problems. However, the potential dies, which the article tends to propagate as that, it is important to be able to look beyond external factors, which involves the falling of the interests, which happens as a result of the lack of confidence in the CHRO on the CFO. The CFO is further responsible for the assessment of the definite ways with which HR objectives can be achieved effectively. It tends to further state the fact that the individual focuses on the business leaders being prepared for the recommended actions that are responsible for unlocking and creating value. It is hence equally important for the companies to be able to gain a  significant level of workplace flexibility, which would help the CHROs to create a significant HR approach that helps in creating value to organisational design.  This effective response to external environmental considerations is often required with the capabilities of the leaders. It includes the reassignment of knowledge and organizational levels that helps in the initiation of future value creation (Ahammad et al, 2020). Hence, from this point of view, it is important to be able to identify certain concluding perspectives. Human capital is considered to be a significantly top challenge, which is considered to be an important function in a  company. The basic idea, which the article tends to propagate lies in the fact that, just as the CFO is responsible to help the CEO with leading business development, the CHRO helps the CEO by assigning potential levels of talent and leveraging organizational development. However, it is the utmost responsibility of the CEO to be able to evaluate the potential HR policies that work behind the notions of accounting.

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The initiating potential HR activities would help in playing a central role in the involvement of corporate decision making. It will help in the proper operation of the role of the CHROs. Such changes are known to drive important shifts in initiating career paths for HR executives. The businesses will hence benefit from the compatibility of shifting from better management potential aspects (Rodjam et al, 2020). 

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