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Assessment 1: Critical Review

Assessment 1: Critical Review Discussion Paper Overview This work is a critical review of the central concepts of development, equality, equity, sustainability, disadvantage, vulnerability and need as they pertain to the principle of 'Do No Harm' in interventions for Development. These concepts have often been misunderstood and misused such that those who are the recipients of policies, programs - interventions - for Development have become their victims (albeit unintended). As such, students wi..Readmore

MGT3201 Global Business Strategy

Group Report and Viva Guidelines 2017/18 Autumn Start   Deadline: Midnight Monday 5th of March 2018 Group Report Guidelines Topic: Amazon ( ; ) is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company based in Seattle, Wash..Readmore

BHS0027: Strategic Management

BHS0027: Strategic Management University of Huddersfield Individual Assignment (2017-18) Learning outcomes Illustrate the challenges faced by management when deciding on strategic direction Apply a range of strategic theoretical frameworks to a variety of organisations studied. Case Tactical scenari..Readmore

MKT4131 Marketing Strategy, Leadership and Planning

MKT4131 Marketing Strategy, Leadership and Planning Middlesex University Business School Marketing, Branding and Tourism Department In order to foster a deeper understanding of marketing and leadership, you will undertake relevant tasks / assessments / presentations appertaining to industries / comp..Readmore

MKT4223 International and Cross Cultural Marketing

MKT4223 International and Cross Cultural Marketing Middlesex University Business School Marketing, Branding and Tourism Department There are three assessment components in this module: Individual Essay, Group Report and Group Presentation The table below specifies the associated deadlines: Assessmen..Readmore


SIM336 – STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT 1 - TITLE: Strategic Analysis   Learning outcomes: Knowledge K1. Understanding of the origins and various approaches to strategy K2. Understanding of the complexity of the relationships between the organisation and its environment K3. Understanding of in..Readmore

Asset Pricing (BST 260)

Coursework Assignment This is an assessed piece of work that will account for 30% of the total marks available for this course. This is a team assignment with marks allocated equally to each member of any given group. Each group is to hand in one word-processed solution not exceeding 2,500 words plu..Readmore