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Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography Value: 25%   Length: 2000 words (10-12 pages) Submission method options Alternative submission method Task WHAT TO DO: Tasks 1 and 2 below TASK 1 Annotated Bibliography 20% Write an Annotated Bibliography for your Capstone Topic with a collection of 12 articles following a set structure. The Annotated Bibliography is a critical examination of the most relevant, recent and scholarly research on the topic area that is not just a summary of the articles you have read on..Readmore

HI6028 Taxation Theory, Practice & Law

HI6028 Taxation Theory, Practice & Law T2 2017 Individual Assignment Due date: Week 10 Maximum marks: 20 (20%)   Instructions:  This assignment is to be submitted by the due date in soft-copy only (Safe assign – Blackboard). The assignment is to be submitted in accordance with assessment po..Readmore

Developing a Performance Appraisal

Developing a Performance Appraisal In this exercise, you develop a performance appraisal form for a job in an organizational unit of your choice. You first conduct a job analysis for the job. From that information, you are to develop a simple, concise performance appraisal form. The assignment requi..Readmore

Health Service Resource Management

Health Service Resource Management Question 1:  What are the main sources of revenue for the organisation in which you work? What is the most important source of revenue, eg how much comes from the state government, how much from the Federal government and how much from patients? What are the organi..Readmore

BBD2124 Management of Human Resources

BBD2124 Management of Human Resources Programme - Diploma in Business Course Code and Title BBD2124 Management of Human Resources Assignment title Case Study on Recruitment and Selection Purpose of this assignment This assignment aimed to give students the knowledge and understanding of how an organ..Readmore

Nursing – Health of infants

Nursing - Health of Infants Buy this assignment for just 40 AUD. Email - words - 900 assessment 1 Part B: "Role of a nurse in keeping child safe" (written assignment of 900 words)  In Part B of the assignment you are required to: Discuss the role of the Registered Nurse..Readmore

Statistics and business research method

Statistics and business research method word limit – 850 Business Research Report Proposal: Initial Research Proposal  Task:  The initial research proposal will consist of the following SIX (6) items:  1. Identify a business research topic  2. Define the research questions for the identified problem..Readmore